For brands, a local mindset is now imperative.

Leading up to the pandemic, brands were in the beginning stages of embracing a local mindset. New technologies were offering a more sophisticated view of consumer behavior across DMAs and local markets, but when it came time to develop budgets for the next quarter or year, dollars were generally allocated to national efforts before local. Today, if brands are to succeed in a pandemic-stricken economy, a local market competence is more critical than ever.
According to Forrester, 79% of multi-location leaders believe customers are more inclined to engage with brands that have established a personal connection with them.
But how do you do this with limited resources and significant obstacles? It’s not easy. Brands have always had difficulty balancing national and local needs. Budget-driven localized content creation has often been a stumbling block as has true understanding of what drives behavior and sentiment in each market. Too often, marketing misses the mark because of a one-size-fits-all mentality. What resonates in one geography may not in another – not to mention the COVID status of each local market. Creating tone-appropriate content in a constantly changing marketing environment can be challenging at best and a waste of money at worst. Brands willing to shift budgets and media plans to a more local-centric strategy will find that consumers will respond positively with their hearts and their wallets. Customers expect their experiences to align with their immediate context. At Moroch, our business is engineered specifically to help multilocation marketers leverage local market strategies that strengthen the overall brand and drive traffic and sales. We have the tools and understanding to dig deeper into local market nuances that brands need right now.
posted on
August 25, 2020
written by
Brad White
Executive Creative Director