Internship to Full-Time: How These Moroch Employees Made the Switch

We pride ourselves on helping the interns that pass through our doors get great experience, build fundamental skills and find the direction they want to take in their advertising careers, no matter the agency they might end up at.

But for a few of our past interns, they didn’t need to travel far to find their full-time shop. 

Taylor Burd and Madeline Trapp both had Moroch as a part of their advertising career beginnings, and are now enjoying full-timer status.

Internship to Full-Time: How These Moroch Employees Made the Switch 3

Taylor (left) is a Senior Brand Strategist at Moroch, primarily supporting clients McDonald’s and Hounds Town.

Madeline (right) is an Account Coordinator supporting the Midas account.


Q: What was your Moroch internship experience like? 


My internship was a great trial run for the job I ended up securing. The McDonald’s team was looking for more consumer insights, and I was finishing up my MS Marketing program specializing in research and strategy – it was a perfect match.  Wendy Mason (our Senior Director of Strategy) did a great job exposing me to other elements of the business too, so I really got a feel for what the full-time role would be like. 


It was exciting, and different! It was my first time working in an office so that was a brand new environment for me. I got to present to the client which was nerve-wracking but so rewarding!  They were very engaged with my project and had lots of questions. 

It was an awesome introduction to agency life and brand management, like project calendars, trafficking and how different departments work together seamlessly.

Q: What was something you did in your internship that prepared you for a full time role? 


I learned a lot more about email etiquette. It may seem small, but sometimes coming up with an email subject line is the most difficult part! It’s your first impression and the opportunity to make sure the recipient wants to read further and engage with it. 


I had the opportunity to present consumer updates at a McDonald’s co-op full business unit meeting, which made me learn how to leverage our agency’s unique capabilities, speak to the various stakeholders in the room, and build buy-in for our team’s recommendations. 

Q: What’s your advice to future Moroch interns on how to make the most of it? 


Try to meet people across the various agency departments. You’ll get a better sense of how Moroch functions and how you can make a positive impact. 


Volunteer as much as possible, ask to sit in on meetings that you’re curious about, ask questions – and most importantly – try something new every opportunity you get. 

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September 14, 2022
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