May 2017 Morochians of the Month

Leo Van Korzycki – Senior Art Director, Dallas, Moroch When a client needed some out-of-the-box creative thinking for a new restaurant opening, Leo was the man for the job. Since the start of the project in February, he has recreated and revised our creative numerous times in order to meet their constant change of direction. But Leo remained steadfast and never complained, serving as a true strategic partner for our client. Because of his go-getter attitude and positive spirit, we secured creative direction and were ready for the Grand Opening on April 29! Stacey Donelan – Paid Social Manager, Dallas, Moroch Stacey successfully manages the paid social efforts for multiple clients, but in recent weeks added new team member on-boarding to her responsibility set. Because of her patience and willingness to go the extra mile, Stacey has helped our new team members feel comfortable and get up to speed quickly – all while juggling her daily client needs! Monica Esposito – Senior Communications Specialist, Dallas, Moroch In just three short months, Monica has proven her command of the Greater Southwest McDonald’s Co-op. Recently, she co-managed the free STAAR Test breakfast at over 300 restaurants in the area, resulting in one of our most successful executions to date. She also steadied some rough waters amidst the recent Fresh Beef test, proving she’s a true asset in times of crisis. It’s easy to see why her peers and clients consider her an invaluable resource! John Beisner – Senior Account Executive, New Orleans, Bond Moroch John recently helped manage the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), and went completely above and beyond from start to finish. Whether it was securing top media attendance or handling last-minute crisis situations, John performed with complete professionalism, ensuring NOEW was a success. Because of his hard work, we’re expecting an event feature in TechCrunch next month! Ainsley Wallis – Senior Media Planner, Dallas, Moroch When some staffing transitions occurred on our team recently, Ainsley stepped up and took on additional Six Flags parks to ensure all media plans were executed flawlessly. She created templates and tools to use across all parks, which has benefited the entire Six Flags media planning team. Aside from that, Ainsley has been instrumental in training three new team members and constantly volunteers her time to help when needed, just like a true Morochian! Becky Paredez – Billing Specialist, Dallas, MHI Becky was recently tasked with completing a challenging project for the accounting team. With her expertise and in-depth knowledge of our systems, she solved the problem quickly and provided an entirely new way of thinking. This is just one example of her constant willingness to take on new tasks and assist others to benefit not just our team, but our agency and clients as a whole. Traci Moss – Account Supervisor, Albuquerque, Moroch Traci’s contributions to building our clients’ business have been unparalleled since she joined us. As the lead – and right now the only Account Service representative for the Albuquerque and Amarillo Co-ops – she’s delivered on all aspects of the job, from defining strategy and tactics to managing budgets and meeting preparation. More importantly, she’s gained the trust of our clients and built positive and authentic relationships, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone! Amber Uphoff – Billing Specialist, Dallas, MHI Amber recently came back to Moroch and dove right into the billing setup for her account. Since the client is still new and experiencing a variety of challenges, Amber did the manual work on the backend to accommodate some billing issues and resolve problems quickly – all with a smile on her face! Because of her diligent and thorough work, we delivered accurate, organized invoices to the client on time. Jared Cowell – Senior Media Investor, Dallas, Moroch A twelve-year veteran to the Media Investment team, it’s no surprise Jared has taken to a supervisory role on the Midas business with ease. He consistently collaborates with the Account Service team to provide valuable market information and planning direction, and answer any media-related questions. Additionally, Jared serves as the face of Moroch in several markets and is currently working to onboard Planet Fitness, all on top of making sure our new and existing clients are taken care of. Talk about a true rock star! Kimsa Pham – Account Coordinator, Dallas, Moroch Kimsa joined the team in the midst of last year’s planning season and hasn’t looked back. She got up to speed quickly and immediately took on not just her role and daily tasks, but also chipped in to help out elsewhere. She’s even assisted in a Digital SME role, ensuring orders and reports from Facebook, Yelp and more are done correctly and helped with a large vendor order. Thanks to Kimsa’s team spirit and attention to detail, everything is done faster and more effectively. Jordin Moreno – Senior Media Planner, Dallas, Moroch Jordin continues to step up and take on new challenges that are presented to her (and often times she is the one asking for the opportunity to take them on!). Her most recent challenge was managing the media pitch process for two McDonald’s markets in the Dakotas. With a tight turnaround, she provided a strategy that took our client to new levels with a significant shift into the digital and social world. Beyond the awesome work, Jordin’s positive, can-do attitude is inspiring and contagious!
posted on
May 18, 2017
written by
Kenley Jones