Moroch’s Lauren Hoops gets a TKO at Digital Fight Club-Dallas

Digital Fight Club brings together marketing experts across agencies and brands alike to compete and defend their positions across a variety of pre-selected industry topics. Entering the ring for fight 5, to talk about top-down vs. bottom-up local marketing is Moroch’s very own Lauren Hoops, VP of Performance Media and Analytics and at the other end of the ring, we have Jamie Adams, CRO of Scorpion. Lauren kicked off the fight by talking about a problem that many clients face, and that is, how do brands get people back into the brick and mortar stores, when there are more convenient “at-home” options? Her solution – reach consumers through top-down communication. By approaching the problem from a localized standpoint, you can generate awareness and consideration, which is what keeps your business top-of-mind for the consumer. With geo-targeting and audience lists, upper-funnel marketing can become an affordable and effective tactic for clients even with the strictest budgets. The use of top-down communications helps both companies and brands showcase their value to the consumer and leads them to lower funnel channels. While her opponent fought bravely, Lauren dominated the conversation. Lauren showed why top-down communication is so important for clients and was named Digital Fight Club’s Fight 5 winner! You can watch Lauren deck it out in the full fight below.  
posted on
March 6, 2020
written by
Katie Nichols