Profitable Partnerships – Driving Brand Results Together

Moroch’s very own Matt Powell, CEO, and Timothy Kurtz, multi-brand franchisee of Planet Fitness and Altitude Trampoline Park, were invited to serve as speakers at the Franchise Marketing Leadership Conference last month in Atlanta. They discussed the importance of dynamic partnerships between the agency and franchisee in order to drive demonstrable business results. Attendees had the opportunity to learn how to navigate the evolving marketing landscape. This complexity has given franchisees the ability to connect with local audiences more effectively by telling their brand’s story, vital to driving franchisee business and achieving the client’s goals from the agency to client perspective. “The truth is, bringing customers and brands together today means marrying data with creativity and ingenuity. Simply put, that is exactly what Moroch does, and we do it in a way unlike most other agencies,” said CEO Matt Powell. “While many start with the largest possible group of customers to influence, we believe in igniting relationships between brands and people where they live, work, and play.” Matt and Tim outlined key elements to consider for a profitable partnership, including the value an integrated agency offers and the numerous benefits in return for having a business partner. They emphasized the importance of developing strategic marketing campaigns through the lens of each franchise’s local market and how a “bottoms-up approach” complements how corporations look at the business from the “top-down” perspective. Attendees walked away with a greater understanding of how agencies and franchisees can work together to connect media performance to the bottom line. Profitable Partnerships – Driving Brand Results Together 1
posted on
July 22, 2019
written by
Kendra Byrd