They Did Metaverse on a Cow

Viral experiments with the future of VR show we’ve got a bright, meta, future ahead.

So, you log in to the metaverse to do your online grocery shopping at the VR Walmart. A dialogue menu pops up: would you like to meet the very cow that made the milk in your cart?

A dairy farmer strapped a couple of VR headsets to a cow to make it think that it’s in greener pastures.
Then, an old clip of Walmart’s vision of the future of online shopping made the rounds.

Much like how they did surgery on a grape, these are at first glance silly experiments to prove a concept and show off the latest technology to see what’s possible.

Both the Oculus bovine and the Walmart shopping experience went viral on Twitter this month, with folks making jokes about it, us included.

They Did Metaverse on a Cow 2

Our Moroch creative team’s chats spared no pun.

And while it’s easy (and fun!) to tease these new, emerging technologies, we think it’s just as much fun to dig into these and think about how they could be applied to the future in advertising and branding as a whole, as well as our multi-unit & franchising clients’ physical locations.

For example, Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is busy filing patent after patent. The big things they’ve focused on thus far is how to make meetings in the virtual world better and more natural feeling. Interacting with objects around you, avatars that look more lifelike (the button down shirt from the back of your closet can be wrinkled in VR, too!), is great for meetings. But where else can we take this technology?

What we in the agency world and advertisers alike should think about is how this technology can go beyond where we can simply stick intrusive “BUY NOW!” CTAs. How do we create interesting and fun experiences and make the stories of our brands come to life? That’s what we’re interested in pursuing and what makes this technology so exciting.

A lot is happening in the space and all at a rapid pace – and Moroch is tracking it all.

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posted on
January 19, 2022
written by
Jake Bullington
Social Media Strategist/Manager