Consumer-First: Easy to say, harder to do.

Almost every agency will tell you they take a consumer-first approach. Let’s admit it, it sounds really good. Granted some agencies proclaim to be digital-first which seems like a classic cart-before-the-horse move. If you don’t really understand the consumer, it doesn’t matter how savvy you are about channels and technology. But understanding the consumer is hard. Demographics are easy, but true understanding of behavior and the psychology behind it takes more than just analyzing online behavior and sales data. At Moroch, we have all of the tools necessary for pulling as much relevant third-party data as possible. Plus, for most of our clients we get sales data which is good, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. To truly be consumer-first, you have to immerse yourself in local culture. To learn the nuances that drive sentiment and the triggers that drive behavior. It’s impossible to be consumer-first using a broad brush because each DMA, each city, each community is unique. It takes time to unlock those things that make each market different. And it takes commitment to develop locally-relevant messaging. Before implementing that nationwide buy, make sure you take the time to dig deep enough to know how local culture impacts behavior and purchase decisions. It could be the smartest marketing decision you make all year.
posted on
June 13, 2021
written by
Brad White
Executive Creative Director