Hello, North America. Meet Samsung HVAC.
Hello, North America. Meet Samsung HVAC.

Hello, North America. Meet Samsung HVAC.

SITUATION: While Samsung HVAC has had a global presence for decades, their entrance into the North American market has been more recent. Even with the Samsung name, research has shown incredibly low brand awareness in the American HVAC space and sales were stagnant.  So, Samsung HVAC North America engaged Moroch to help “launch” the brand from both a B2B and B2C standpoint. SOLUTION: We held a branding workshop with Samsung leadership, interviewed customer segments, and did extensive third-party research.  The insights uncovered were distilled into a brand architecture, customer personas and journey maps, audience segmentation, messaging framework, and a phased marketing plan.  We also translated the brand architecture into a differentiating and recognizable visual identity for the brand.  We applied the new look and feel to the website and all other marketing materials, and launched a series of paid campaigns.  We focused on digital tactics so we could rapidly test, learn and optimize to maximize the dollars we had and ensure those dollars were working to effectively build our distributor and dealer networks.  Then we combined our paid digital efforts with traditional owned and earned efforts to create omni-channel experiences that were aimed at moving HVAC professionals through the funnel faster. RESULTS: Results from our dealer acquisition efforts showed a:
  • 34% increase in qualified leads
  • 14% increase in website duration
  • 7% increase in page views
  • 8%+ decrease in bounce rate
Samsung HVAC