National optical retailer Visionworks maintains the largest collections of children’s glasses in the industry, a fact unbeknownst to most parents. Visionworks asked Moroch to come up with a solution to reverse that trend. At the same time, Visionworks was looking for a way to amplify its efforts providing free eye exams for needy families and children. The solution was Let’s Go See, a national issue-awareness campaign focused on promoting childhood eye health. The campaign goal was to raise awareness of some staggering facts:
  • 60% of students classified as “problem learners” actually have undetected eye problems.
  • 25% of all kids ages 5 to 17 have unchecked vision problems.
  • 83% of children whose families live near the poverty line haven’t had an eye exam.
In addition, Visionworks pledged to give free eye exams and eyeglass vouchers to 15,000 school-age children in need. Moroch launched a national campaign combining TV, radio, print, digital, and social media to get the word out that anyone can nominate any child to received free eye exams and eye glass vouchers. Our PR team landed live segments on both Good Morning America and the Steve Harvey Show to kick off the campaign.  The campaign continues to run, and to date, Visionworks has donated 10,000 free eye exams and eyeglass vouchers.